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I want to sincerely thank you for your help when I was just getting set up because you were very helpful to me on the phone a few times when I needed advice. You helped me a lot,  and your AV-40 is an excellent machine well made and well designed.  Your videos also are top notch for a beginner to learn from. Best wishes to you in the years to come. 

Paul  in NY



Saw Blade Sharpening Equipment

At Thorvie International, LLC we have been in the business of constructing saw blade sharpeners since 1977. Over the past quarter century we have firmly established ourselves as one of the leaders and innovators of the tool sharpening industry. Providing saw blade sharpening equipment internationally, we pride ourselves not only on the high quality of the products we manufacture, but also on our commitment to providing superior customer service and support.

Using a Thorvie Saw Blade Sharpener to Start Your Own Business
As anyone knows, repetitive use of saws and tools inevitably leads to dulling, reducing their effectiveness. Since purchasing new equipment every time it goes dull is far from cost effective, most individuals turn to saw blade sharpening companies in order to extend the life of their tools. Contrary to popular belief, setting up such a service is far from being expensive and doesn't require extensive mechanical ability.

Financial gain in the tool sharpening industry is greatly determined by the amount of work one is willing to put into it. Some of our customers do it part-time as a supplement to their regular income or as a retirement activity, while others have turned it into their career. Either way, our heavy-duty saw blade sharpeners require little maintenance, thus maximizing the profits generated from each job.

Purchasing a saw blade sharpener from Thorvie International, LLC isn't limited to simply the equipment. With your blade sharpener you will also receive detailed installation and operation instructions and videos. More importantly, you can count on our continued customer support. Simply call us directly via our toll free phone number if you have any questions or concerns regarding your equipment.

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