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I want to sincerely thank you for your help when I was just learning how to use the TL136 chainsaw sharpener. You helped me a lot, and what a great machine it is, well made, well designed and easy to operate. Best wishes to you in the years to come. 

Tommy  in UP of MI



What Chain Saw Sharpening Machine should I buy?

As much as chainsaws were designed to simplify the cutting of wood, the actual chain and how to sharpen it when it gets dull is a mystery for many chain saw users. Most people erroneously believe that when a chainsaw chain gets dull, you simply remove it and replace it. This is a waste of money as a chainsaw chain sharpener can quickly and easily make a dull chainsaw chain as sharp as it was when first purchased.

Our Chainsaw Sharpener Options

For over 30 years, we at Thorvie International, LLC have been pioneering new sharpening equipment designs. Balancing ease-of-use with durability has helped us choose to distribute a line of products far superior to most of what is currently on the market. The JOLLY and SUPER JOLLY are two such machines and are considered to be two of the most popular chainsaw sharpeners ever made.

The JOLLY--also known as the TL136--was built with a powerful ball-bearing motor for maximum sharpening. An aluminum fan keeps the motor cool at all times. Mountable on either a wall or workbench, the JOLLY was designed with a large diameter wheel. Just as importantly, the vise was designed to allow any chain type, regardless of size.

When sharpening a chainsaw, precise control is imperative. To that end, the vise on the JOLLY has an offset 10° tilting angle. Versatile, the JOLLY can be adjusted to handle chipper, semi-chisel and full-chisel chains. The SUPER JOLLY (or TL150) is exactly the same as its sister model, but is also equipped with a hydraulic vise that can help reduce chainsaw sharpening times by upwards of 50 percent. Jolly products are made in Italy and distributed by Thorvie International LLC.

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