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I want to sincerely thank you for your help when I was just getting set up because you were very helpful to me on the phone a few times when I needed advice. You helped me a lot,  and your AV-40 is an excellent machine well made and well designed.  Your videos also are top notch for a beginner to learn from. Best wishes to you in the years to come. 

Paul  in NY



Hole Saw Sharpening Fixtures

Fits Foley Belsaw 310, 310-16

Precision sharpen Hole saws with this fixture. Set up and sharpen in a matter of minutes. With this fixture you can sharpen the Milwaukee hole saws. 

310  Hole saw fixture
$146.00 each

310-16 Hole saw fixture
$146.00 each

  Hole Saw Sharpening Fixture


fits the Foley 357 and 367

357  Hole saw fixture
$242.00 each

367 Hole saw fixture
$242.00 each




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