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I want to sincerely thank you for your help when I was just getting set up because you were very helpful to me on the phone a few times when I needed advice. You helped me a lot,  and your AV-40 is an excellent machine well made and well designed.  Your videos also are top notch for a beginner to learn from. Best wishes to you in the years to come. 

Paul  in NY



AV-54 Automatic  24" Jointer, Planer, & Chipper Knife Grinder

AV-54 Automatic Machine allows you to sharpen both chipper knives and carbide & steel Jointer & Planer knives up to 24" long. Thorvie grinders are manufactured to grind straightness & Flatness within .0005" per inch. This grinder will either hollow grind or flat grind knives. All you do is loosen a 3/8" bolt and swing the Knife Holder assembly straight for flat grinding. You can adjust the length of travel for any length of knife, from 3" to 24". This unit is compact and saves a lot of time, as you can be doing other sharpening of tools while the knife is being ground. Complete unit with video tape, 110 volt motor, and grinding wheel.  

You can purchase the AV-54 Automatic according to the knives you want to sharpen. For  sharpen just jointer and planer knives the cost is $3295.00  and if you want to also do chipper knives the cost is $3495.00.


AV-54 Automatic jointer and planer knife grinder
$3295.00 each

AV-54 Automatic jointer planer and chipper knife grinder.
$3495.00 each


Automatic Jointer, Planer, & Chipper Knife Grinder

Automatic Jointer, Planer, & Chipper Knife Grinder


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