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I want to sincerely thank you for your help when I was just learning how to use the TL136 chainsaw sharpener. You helped me a lot, and what a great machine it is, well made, well designed and easy to operate. Best wishes to you in the years to come. 

Tommy  in UP of MI





Chain-saw Chain Grinders


Today, strong from the experience and reliability it has always demonstrated in 30 years of activity in the chain saw accessory market, We proud to present the evolution of the electric sharpener, JOLLY STAR.

This machine combines all the strength of the previous versions that have supported professionals in their work across the globe, offering innovative solutions created by our own technicians.
JOLLY STAR is a safe, versatile and time-saving sharpener that doesn't compromise on perfect sharpening.
JOLLY STAR includes many new details: double torsion spring, self-centring clamp, working axis geometry, safety buttons, sharpening angle regulation...

Professional chain grinder for fast, accurate chain sharpening. Suitable for all chain pitches and types. Sharpens 3/4" pitch chain without any attachment.
Up to 10 tilting vise for proper sharpening of chisel chains.
Complete with built-in lamp for improved visibility.
120V AC – 60 Hz 3400 rpm CCW motor
220W - 4,3A
Provided with following items: Available on order for 3/4" pitch chain
Grinding Wheels
Dressing Brick
Grinding wheel
for 3/4" chains
3/4" gauge template

New features

Wheel dressing position
The new solution allows you to carry out the wheel dressing safely.

Down angle
The vise is also mounted on a swing plate for 10 down angle grinding when required.

Down angle adjustment
Grinder head for top plate and vise for filing angle require an additional adjustment when the chain type needs to be ground at 10 down angle.

The new self-centering ensures the exact relation between the chain axis and the vise rotation axis for all types of chains, including the " pitch chains.

Vise Locking Handle
Pushing the red button allows the handle to be loosed and turned according to the operator's highest visibility position.

Torsion spring
The new design double coil spring ensures the operators safety by preventing the head lowering in case of spring breaking.





Jolly Star Chain saw chain grinder - TM11369001
$469.00 each

Turning Axis
Turning axis of the head and vise have been repositioned for a better geometric solution, ensuring the most precise grinding precision.


Powerful, 110v, 1/4 HP direct-drive motor, Ball bearing motor, Large fan and aluminum fins keep motor running cool, Adjustable vise accepts any chain type, Large diameter wheel prevents cutter burn, Mounts on wall or bench, Easy head angle adjustment.

One of the most popular chain saw chain grinders ever made, the JOLLY  TL150 offers the features, performance and accessories to suit the most discriminating sharpener.  Precise adjustments can be made quickly and easily to handle virtually any kind of chain design.
Features include: an offset 10 degree tilting vise for correct corner (or leading edge) angles on chisel cutters, a cutting length adjuster, easy-to-read vise and head angle scales and a chain-centering feature that ensures both left and right cutters are ground to equal lengths and angles. With the added feature of a hydraulic chain clamp vise.  This automatically locks the chain when the grinding head is lowered and can reduce sharpening time by as much as 50%!

The TL150 Chain saw grinder, easily adjusts to handle chipper, semi-chisel and full-chisel chains from 1/4" to 1/2" pitch.  It uses large, long-lasting 5 3/4" wheels and is powered by a quiet 1/4 hp, single-phase motor.
Comes complete with 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" wheels, a dressing brick, wheel gauge and wrench. 

TL150 Chain saw chain grinder
$575.00 each

SALE PRICE $499.00
  Super Jolly Chain Saw Grinder



This  economical machine has the features and controls to provide a precise grind with professional results. It will sharpen virtually any chain type and size, including ¼”, .325”, 3/8” and .404” pitches. The vise angle guide is easily adjusted for cutter angles from  0° - 35°. Features include: an easy to operate cam-lever chain vise, cutter length adjustment, grind depth adjuster, on/off switch and transparent safety guard. The brushless, single-phase 120-volt motor produces high torque at low rpm for long service life.  Includes one grinding wheel for 3/8”-.404” pitch chains, wheel and chain pitch gauge and a wheel dressing brick.  Motor: 120v/60hz, 85W, 35A. Grinding wheel: 4 1/8” x 7/8” arbor, 5,000 max. rpm

TL190 Chain saw chain grinder
$307.00 each

Midi Jolly Chain Saw Grinder



This handy grinder sharpens the chain right on the saw, for fast, efficient results. It uses a 12-volt battery as a power source, allowing you to get a professional sharpening job almost anywhere. Grind virtually any chain type and size, including ¼”, .325”, 3/8” and .404” pitch, in both round and chisel cutter styles. The spring-loaded grind head is easily adjusted for cutter angles, from 0° - 35°. Features include: an adjustable chain stop, twist-fast chain clamping, depth adjuster, on/off switch and a transparent safety guard. Complete with one grinding wheel for 3/8”-.404” pitch chains. Grinding wheel: 4 1/8” x 7/8” arbor, 5,000 max. rpm. Motor: 12V/85W/3.8A . Weight complete: 5.5 lbs.

TL195 Chain saw chain grinder
$225.00 each

  Baby Jolly Chain Saw Grinder

Jolly products are imported from Italy


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