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I want to sincerely thank you for your help when I was just getting set up because you were very helpful to me on the phone a few times when I needed advice. You helped me a lot,  and your AV-40 is an excellent machine well made and well designed.  Your videos also are top notch for a beginner to learn from. Best wishes to you in the years to come. 

Paul  in NY



Sharpening Supplies and Accessories

Diamond Grinding wheels. All wheels are 100 % diamond concentration by volume

Side Grinding Wheel

Once you try a 5" diamond wheel for side grinding you will never go back to a 6" again. You will be surprised what a difference just 1" can make. The 5" wheel allows you to bring the tooth in closer to the motor shaft before the wheel starts to grind. This gives less flexibility, making side grinding easier with faster stock removal. Also this style of wheel allows you to side grind without interference of the motor shaft. This wheel is also great for carbide jointer and planer knives

5" 220 grit side grinding wheel.





Face and Top Grinding Wheel

Grinding wheels make the difference and good wheels are what determines the quality of your work. Use the proper grinding wheels in order to get a quality sharpening job.

6" 400 grit 1/16 depth X 1/4 face, for face and top grinding saw blades.




Thin Rim

Needed for sharpening 10" diameter blades with 80 0r more teeth or a 12" with 100 or more teeth on the saw blade. The carbide tip usually comes real close to the steel backing of the tooth in front of it, which interferes with getting the wheel to go deep enough into the gullet to face the tooth, because of the standard wheel thickness. This wheel will illuminate that problem.

6" 400 grit for face grinding saw blades.

Thin rim 6" 400 grit wheel



Router Bit Grinding Wheel

Used for sharpening Carbide router bits. Grinding wheels make the difference and good wheels are what determines the quality of your work.

4" 400 grit

$152.00 each



Machine Lamp

It is very important that you have a sharp clear view of what you are doing.

110/120 volt.

$59.00 each



Roundness Gauge

Used for checking the roundness of the blade after top grinding, usually after replacing carbide teeth in a blade..

$120.00 each



5" Rubber Bond wheel

Used for sharpening kitchen type knifes.

$60.00 each



5" Cup Wheel

B11V9 60 grit pink aluminum oxide.

$60.00 each



5" Polishing Wheel

Use for deburing or fine polishing.


$69.00 each



2" Aluminum Oxide Wheel

Used for sharpening High-speed Steel Router bits.

$18.00 each



Angle Finder

With magnetic base.

$18.00 each



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