AV-40 (Used) Saw & Tool Sharpening Package With Extras

$9,495.00 $6,995.00


AV-40 (Used) Saw & Tool Sharpening Package With Extras

$9,495.00 $6,995.00

Start up your own sharpening business, save $2,500.00 and work from home.  First come, first serve.


This used AV-40 saw and tool sharpening package is a full sharpening service.  The equipment details are listed out below.  It has a standard AV-40 Saw Sharpening Machine Complete Starter Package with a lot of extra tool fixtures, a re-tipping fixture and accessories.  The system includes the same grinding wheels, tool fixtures, training aids and accessories a new AV-40 starter package includes plus more.  The grinding wheels are slightly used but still in great shape and the thin face diamond wheel is brand new.  All tool fixtures do include the proper grinding wheels needed.

This AV-40 machine is 5 years old.  This is a used machine so there are some surface scratches.  The AV-40 machine and all tool fixtures were cleaned up and fully inspected by us personally.  All damaged parts were replaced and any parts that were updated over the past 5 years were switched out to the new design.

The retail value for all this equipment is $9,495.00.  Start up your own sharpening business, save $2,500.00 and work from home.  Financing is not available on this machine, first come, first serve.

AV-40 Saw sharpening machine complete starter package includes these tool fixtures: ($6,995.00 retail)

  • Standard cup and cone for saw blades
  • Small saw blade cup and cone
  • Router bit fixture
  • Adjustable dado fixture
  • Spiral planer fixture
  • Shaper cutter fixture 1/2″ to 1″
  • Shaper cutter fixture 1-1/4″
  • Jointer & planer knife fixture.

Extra Tool Fixtures, Accessories & Wheels Also Included: ($2,500.00 retail)

  • Diamond point dresser fixture
  • Lawn mower blade fixture
  • Wood chisel fixture
  • Mason drill bit fixture
  • Hole saw fixture
  • Slicer cutter fixture
  • Hedge trimmer fixture
  • Rubber bond wheel for knives
  • AV-38 Re-tipping fixture – up to 30″ saw blade
  • Assortment of carbide tips
  • Diamond side grinding wheel
  • Saw set gauge (side dial indicator)
  • Motor stop clamp


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