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From: $599.00

Knife Sharpening Machine – Model 2100 Bundle

From: $599.00

15 Degree Module for Model 2100 Knife Sharpener

Sharpening Module for Commercial Diamond Hone® #2100 for
Asian Style and other 15° Edge Knives


This new, revolutionary 3-Stage commercial electric knife sharpening machine is the most advanced on the market, producing in just seconds the patented triple bevel Trizor-Plus™ edge on all commercial kitchen knives, as well as Asian style, fillet, butcher knives and sport knives. The Model 2100 is designed to sharpen both straight-edge and serrated knives. Stages 1 and 2 use 100% diamond abrasive disks and Stage 3 uses ultra-fine, proprietary stropping disks to create razor sharp, arch-shaped edges that stay sharp longer. The rugged metal casing houses a powerful, high-speed motor to provide astonishing, sharp edges in seconds. Precision angle guides eliminate all guesswork and the detachable sharpening module is commercial dishwasher safe and replaceable. Easy to use, effective and safe, the M2100 is the perfect replacement for an outside sharpening service. Recommended for larger commercial kitchens. One year limited warranty. (3600 RPM, 175 watts) NSF certified. UL or ETL and Canadian Approval. Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

Why Chef’sChoice Knife Sharpening Machine?
Because it’s time to move into 21st century knife sharpening!


There is nothing more important in a commercial kitchen than a sharp knife and the most advanced, economical method of knife sharpening comes from Chef’sChoice®. Chef’sChoice® sharpeners will reduce your sharpening costs substantially while putting razor-sharp edges on all your kitchen cutlery… conveniently and effortlessly… busy day after busy day! Tested and trusted for over 25 years, the Chef’sChoice® brand is recognized as the industry leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of knife sharpening machine products. Known for the highest quality and innovative products, incorporates technology that uses 100% diamond abrasives and precision angle guides to achieve better than factory edges that stay sharp longer, with minimal edge removal and no de-tempering.  Price includes: Knife sharpener, 20 degree sharpening stage, written instructions and customer service.

Optional Accessories: 15 degree module for knife sharpening machine – model 2100.

Additional information

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions20 × 10 × 12 in


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