About Us – The Thorvie Story:

We started small. All about us was an idea and a dream.

A sound mechanical product and the confidence that what we had to offer was something that was needed. That was 1977.

Business grew as people learned about what we had to offer.

In 1980, we revealed a newly engineered carbide and steel saw sharpening machine. A machine that could precision sharpen cutting tools easily and more efficiently than was previously possible with conventional sharpening equipment and machines.

It provided the capability to sharpen router bits, spiral planers, adjustable dados, jointer and planer knives, wood chisels, hole saws, shaper cutters, stump grinder bits and numerous other tools, simply through the use of easily attachable tool fixtures.

It became possible to establish a cutting tool sharpening service center at a quarter of the previous cost necessary to purchase conventional equipment.

Company History