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Thorvie Improves Motor Design

Thorvie International continues to manufacture quality sharpening machines with heavy duty motors.  As the industry continues to evolve, we too must do so.  Going forward our motors will be sourced from LEESON Electric, a multi-generational, family owned business who has been a successful leader in motor production for over 80 years. Our new and improved motors now have a […]

Searching For Tool Sharpening Equipment?

The Thorvie AV-40 Speaks For Itself The AV-40 tool sharpening equipment is Thorvie International’s crown jewel.  This multi-faceted machine puts versatility at your fingertips.  What sets it apart? Versatility.  Not only can you sharpen router bits and saw blades, you can expand your sharpening service to accommodate the following to name a few: Saw blades up to […]

Offering Custom Sharpening Equipment

Thorvie International stands proudly behind the engineering, quality, and workmanship that goes into every one of their sharpening machines.  They provide high quality equipment at manufacturer direct prices.  They will do everything possible to help you create a thriving business.  All Thorvie sharpening equipment is provided with the proper training aids needed to make sure your successful in the sharpening industry.  Simply put, your […]

New Product – Industrial Dust Collector

Since 1977, Thorvie International has been a leading source for the finest saw and tool sharpening equipment available in the U.S.. Today, Thorvie is proud to announce the addition of a new product to their sharpening line.  This 3 stage industrial dust collector system operates at a quiet 68 decibel noise level.  The 3 stage filtration will remove […]

Start Your Saw Sharpening Service With An AV-40

Looking to start a superior saw sharpening service?  The Thorvie AV-40 sharpening machine does it all. With the ability to face, top and side grind saw blade from 2 inches to 30 inches in diameter, your saw blades will be better than new.  It also sharpens router bits, panel and profile cutters and raised panel […]

Increase Customer Base With Planer Blade Sharpening

Planer blade sharpening can welcome additional revenue into your sharpening business. With the industry average of $0.95 per inch for steel knives and $1.60 for carbide, Thorvie offers multiple ways to maximize your bottom line.  In 1980, Thorvie revealed a newly engineered AV-40 carbide and steel saw blade sharpening machine.  By adding easily attachable tool fixtures, it became possible to offer […]

Join Thorvie International at Sharp Fest April 19-21, 2017

Thorvie International invites to you to join them at the professional sharpening service trade show hosted by Sharpeners’ Report.  This year’s Sharp Fest will take place April 19-21, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN.  Thorvie’s display booth will consist of their AV-40 saw blade sharpening machine with all additional tool fixtures. They will also display the AV-54 automatic jointer, […]

Thorvie – Your Source For Sharpening Supplies & Equipment

If you’re looking for sharpening supplies and equipment that perform with professional results, Thorvie International is your leading source.  Thorvie believes in offering quality products and supplies that are manufactured and assembled in the United States.  Since its founding in 1977, Thorvie International continues to offer experience and expertise that you can count on. The AV-40 saw and tool sharpening […]

Offering A Variety Of Sharpening Machines To Fit Your Needs

Thorvie International Wishes Everyone A Safe & Joyful Holiday Season Every individual has different sharpening needs; in 2016 over half of Thorvie International’s customers were new to the sharpening industry.  Hence the reason Thorvie International offers 11 sharpening machines to meet your needs.  Whether you’re looking to start a full sharpening service or manage individual sharpening needs, Thorvie has […]

Searching For A Work At Home Sharpening Business Opportunity

Are you ready for unlimited growth potential? Thorvie International has a product line of more than 40 unique tool fixtures and 9 grinding machines, and exports to Canada, Europe, South America, Australia and beyond.  With our progressive and innovative approach to serving our customers, Thorvie not only provides the quality tools needed to serve growing markets, […]

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