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Chipper Knives & Stump Grinder Bit Sharpening

Tree service and various maintenance crews across the country frequently need their equipment sharpened.  Demand for chipper knives and stump grinder bit sharpening creates an opportunity to make a profit in the sharpening industry.  The Thorvie AV-54 automatic chipper knife grinder and the AV-56 stump bit grinder are the tools you need to tap into this market.

These machines are precise and time-saving.  Thorvie knife grinders are manufactured to grind flatness within 0.0005” per inch.  You can sharpen most stump grinding bits in less than 3 minutes.  Accuracy and the ability to sharpen efficiently will ultimately lead to higher profitability.  The automatic feature on the AV-54 knife grinder allows you to sharpen chipper knives and stump grinding bits at the same time.   You have the ability to sharpen each knife to the same height by using the built-in motor stop.

Thorvie International is fully committed to helping our loyal customers succeed.  As a customer you receive sales techniques and information on where to purchase supplies.  Also included sharpening tips, suggested service costs and other information.

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Rick’s Tip

The AV-56 stump bit grinder uses electro-plated diamond grinding wheels to sharpen the carbide bits.   Where as sharpening carbide tipped saw blades you use bonded diamond grinding wheels.  This means that the stump grinding wheels have exposed diamond particles coating the wheels.  There are a couple things you can do to maximize the life expectancy of plated grinding wheels.

Always use light sharpening pressure when using plated wheels.  This will allow the diamond particles to do the sharpening.  Using too much grinding pressure will not make the bits sharpen any faster.

Because plated grinding wheels do not have any bonding agents, it is important to keep these wheels clean.  A new plated wheel will have a nice grey color to them.  After excessive use, the color may turn more charcoal.  To clean plated wheels, soak them in acetone or any cleaner/degreaser solution and use an air hose to blow out any debris.