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AV-40 Saw Sharpening Machine Complete Starter Package.

The Right Sharpening Machine For Your Business

There are many sharpening products on the market.  Some may seem appealing because of price point, ability or advertising.  Be aware of what you can sometimes sacrifice for a “deal”.  With the purchase of any Thorvie sharpening machine, here are a few things we include.  These are also things that we would advise you to look for if shopping elsewhere.

Machine Versatility

*Does the sharpening machine have the ability to face and top grind all saw blades?  To properly balance a saw blade, you must have the ability to top grind saw blades up to 45 degrees.

*What diameter saw blade will the sharpening machine accommodate?  Different companies use different diameter saw blades.  You do not want to limit yourself and turn away a customer.  The Thorvie AV-40 saw blade sharpener has the ability to face, top and side grind saw blades up to 30” in diameter.  The Thorvie AV-42 model accommodates up to a 42” saw blade diameter.

*When you are ready to invest, make sure it is an investment for the future of your business.  Ask questions to find out if you can expand your business going forward.  Some machines can only perform one function.  The Thorvie AV-40 will fully perform for a saw sharpening business.  There are 22 additional  AV-40 tool fixtures available to expand your services.

Customer Service

*When making an investment into a piece of equipment, you will want to ensure that you know how to provide your services with professional results.  It is key that you have one or all of the following: detailed written instructions, instruction videos and access to live video chat with a knowledgeable technician.

*In some cases, you may need to contact customer service.  Our tip is to make sure they are available when you need them.  Thorvie includes customer service that is available 365 days a year and after business hours.

Maintenance and Warranty

*What type of motor are you receiving?  An under-powered motor can create unprofessional results or simply fail.  All Thorvie sharpening machines are supplied with a U.S. heavy duty 1/3 hp, totally enclosed 110 volt Leeson motor.  The motor maintains a wheel RPM of 3,450 essential when grinding carbide tooling.  A reputable company should offer all parts, motor and assembly warranties for a minimum of one year.

*Parts should be composed of quality materials.  Thorvie parts are made of solid steel and high-quality bearing systems resulting in no “play” in the saddle assembly.  Every part performs at or above the industry standards.

*Ask where maintenance and replacement parts come from.  All Thorvie parts are manufactured and assembled in house and ship same or next day.

Contact the knowledgeable sales team at Thorvie International to see how our sharpening machines can benefit you.


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  1. Carla Norwood

    Would you tell me EVERTHING I would need to start the business of sharpening clipper blades and scissors. I am a dog groomer and seriously thinking I would like to do this. Thanknyou, Carla Norwood, Pretty Pets Grooming & Boarding. Pontotoc, MS.

    1. Rick Shefchik

      Hi Carla,

      I will send you a direct e-mail with more information on clipper blade and scissors sharpening.

      Thank You – Thorvie

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