Watch our video to help you better understand the versatility of the Thorvie AV-40 sharpening system! The AV-40 is able to sharpen saw blades, router bits, raised panel sharper cutters, planer knives and so much more. Thorvie offers the ability to use one sharpening system with easy to use tool fixtures instead of purchasing multiple machines. This in return saves you a lot of shop space, time and money over other conventional sharpening machines. See for yourself what the AV-40 sharpening system has to offer. Click here to see other Thorvie sharpening videos.

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  1. Jose Larios

    I am exploring what it would cost to purchase a machine to sharpen citrus blades: 18-24″ size. And do you have one that works automatically moving the blades too.

    1. Rick Shefchik

      Hi Jose,

      I just sent you an e-mail with some information on our AV-40 saw blade sharpener.
      Thank You – Rick

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