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AV-40 Saw Sharpening Machine Start-Up Package


The AV-40 is a professional grinder that will sharpen saw blades, face, top and side grind, ranging from 1-7/8″ to 30″ diameter, plus it will sharpen many different cutting tools such as raised panel cutters and profile cutters, anti-kick back router bit and shaper cutters without motor interference; something few saw blade grinders can offer.



The AV-40 is a professional saw sharpening machine.  This carbide and steel saw blade and tool grinder has a diameter capacity from 1-7/8″ to 30″.  It allows you to face, top and side grind saw blades.  It will also sharpen many different cutting tools such as, raised panel and profile cutters, anti-kick back router bit and shaper cutters without motor interference; something few saw blade grinders can offer.

The motor maintains a wheel RPM of 3450 – something essential when grinding carbide tooling.  Other carbide saw grinders on the market actually slow down or stop the wheel when grinding.  This is why Thorvie International manufactures a modified version of the AV-40 motor designed to be used as a replacement on our competitor’s equipment.  (A 220 volt 50hz 2850 rpm available for foreign countries.)

The AV-40 saddle assembly has four bearings, while many other grinders typically only have three.  This allows the AV-40 saw blade and tool holder to give you precision grinding performance as the saddle bearing assembly is solid with no play whatsoever.

The AV-40 saw sharpening machine is one of the easiest and fastest machines to learn how to set up and operate.

The AV-40 is one of the fastest grinders to set up and easy to use.  When changing from face to top grinding, and from one diameter to the next, just loosen a lever and rotate an arm.  This machine will save you 25% of the set up time over other grinders, AND is less costly!  When comparing value in systems, the AV-40 saw sharpening machine is far less expensive.  Plus when buying manufacturer direct from Thorvie International you’ll save 40% or more!

When looking into a saw blade sharpening machine, make sure the machine is able to face and top grind a saw blade.  If you only face grind a saw blade you are only doing half the job and you will not get professional sharpening results.  Top grinding is more important than face grinding.  When you top grind an alternate bevel saw blade, this allows to sharpen every tooth to the same height making sure the blade is balanced.  Even a brand new alternate bevel saw blade from the factory can be 3 to 5 thousandths different from the left to the right cutter teeth.  The higher teeth will do more of the cutting than the lower teeth.  By top grinding and balancing the blade properly, each tooth will be cutting equally through the wood and the saw blade will cut better than new.


With its compact size, it takes up minimal bench space and can serve as an excellent mobile unit.

Things you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding on the brand of sharpening equipment you want to purchase for your business is quality and consistency of equipment design, as well as availability of replacement parts.  Thorvie International’s AV-40 saw sharpening machine is built the same today as it was when we began production in 1977.  That’s because, unlike other manufacturers that have to change their model number every couple of years to try to make improvements.  The Thorvie AV-40 was built right, right from the start!  What that means for you is that replacement parts for your sharpener are available to you whether you bought an AV-40 from us in 1977, or just last year.  Some competitors no longer make replacement parts for their older models so you are forced into buying their new machine.  With a Thorvie AV-40 saw sharpening machine, you’ll never have to worry about that.  We offer our customers today the same well-built machine that has proven to help make many saw sharpening business successful since 1977.  It was a top-quality machine back then, and it’s a top-quality machine today!  Our customer testimonials attest to that.

The AV-40 Saw Sharpening Machine Complete Starter Package Includes:
  • AV-40 grinder
  • Knife grinding fixture
  • Router bit fixture
  • Shaper cutter fixture (1/2″ to 1″)
  • Shaper cutter fixture (1-1/4″)
  • Small cup and cone assembly
  • Wood chisel fixture
  • Mason drill bit fixture
  • Roundness gauge
  • Machine light
  • 6″ 400 grit face diamond wheel
  • 6″ 400 grit top diamond wheel
  • 4″ 400 grit router bit diamond wheel
  • 6″ 400 grit ultra-thin rim diamond wheel
  • 5″ cup jointer & planer knife sharpening wheel
  • 6″ polishing wheel
  • 2″ aluminum oxide wheel
  • Angle finder
  • Instructions booklet and traning DVD’s
  • Customer service 7 days a week



  1. Gerald

    From my early teenage years (late 1950’s early 60’s) seeing the Foley Saw Sharpening Machine advertisements in The Popular Mechanics Magazines I had wanted to try my hand at it however, I never made the investment. Fast forward to age 70 after retiring for the second time I became acquainted with a young man who had established a Mill Works business in my home town. He was in need of a saw sharpening service, so I researched saw sharpening equipment, found Thorvie International and the AV-40 Start Up Package with Rick’s help determining the best fit for my needs made the purchase.

    The Training Videos and Written Material that came with the package are 2nd to none, that coupled with Rick’s expertise availability and unwavering willingness to provide unlimited help, advise and directions has helped this “Old Dog” learn some new tricks. The Thorvie AV-40 … is truly a top of the line tool sharpening machine and Rick at Thorvie puts Thorvie International over the top with his Customer Service Program.

    Jerry in FL

  2. John Zsori

    I am just shy of one year with my AV-40 and most of the fixtures that go with it. Have nothing but good service out of this machine, as well as quick and professional response from Rick. It replaced three machines in my shop, and has already paid for itself. Thanks to Rick and his team who have put together a great machine.

    John Z – WI

  3. Kenneth

    After two years of agenizing over whether I should take the risk of investing in the AV-40 starter package I finally made up my mind and made the purchase. Rick walked me through the whole process and we customized the purchase to fit what I thought would be the right tooling for my particular area. After setting the tooling up in my shop and getting familiar with it I hung a sign advertising my sharpening service. On the first day I hung the sign I had three customers. After practicing sharpening my own tools I could see the quality of the work the AV-40 was capable of was without question something that I would be proud to offer my customers. Since starting the sharpening service I have had various tools that I did not know how to sharpen. A simple phone call to Rick at Thorvie was all it took to know what was needed for tooling and how to use it. Thank you to all the folks at Thorvie. I am excited to be able to be a Thorvie sharpening team member and look forward to growing my business using Thorvie tools and sharpening expertise.

    Ken in VT

  4. Ken

    I wanted to write to you and tell you how thrilled I am with my Thorvie AV–40 sharpening machine! What an amazing piece of equipment, and with the videos, training aids and customer service I was able to get set up and operating this sharpener in no time at all. The AV-40 is very versatile with so many tool fixture attachments, and it takes me just a few seconds to change sharpening attachments. This AV-40 is an extremely well crafted piece of equipment, and I am already doing great with my little startup sharpening business after only 6 months. Thank you!

  5. Jack

    I have owned my AV-40 sharpening system since 1999 and the AV-40 is a well built U.S. made machine with very minimal maintenance and replacement parts. I had placed an order recently for a couple new tool fixtures and the update to the written instruction booklet was fabulous. I am really impressed with the upgrades Thorvie has done with their training services over the years. Keep up the great work!

    Jack in PA

  6. Jerome

    We are very pleased with The Thorvie AV–40 sharpening machine that we purchased from you. It is an amazing piece of equipment and with all of the tool fixture attachments the AV-40 is very versatile. We found that it took us no time at all to learn how to use it and to change the various sharpening attachments. It is in our estimation that the AV-40 is a very well built piece of equipment and we couldn’t envision being without it now.

    Best Regards, Jerome NF Canada

  7. Gurnie

    I love my AV-40 sharpening machine! Easy to set up, great customer support, easy to learn with training aids and everything to do the jobs fast. The tool fixtures allow me to sharpen each tool with ease. Thorvie has built a tool that makes me a professional in the sharpening industry. The AV-40 has opened many doors and opportunities for me other than just sharpening tools. Thank you Thorvie!

    Gurnie in DE

  8. Paul

    I want to sincerely thank you for your help when I was just getting set up because you were very helpful to me on the phone a few times when I needed advice. You helped me a lot, and your AV-40 is an excellent machine well made and well designed. Your videos also are top notch for a beginner to learn from. Best wishes to you in the years to come.

    Paul in NY

  9. Mike

    I want you to know that I bought your AV-40 package because I own a wood working shop and could not find someone in this area to do a descent job, sharpening my tools and saw blades. The very first blade I sharpened was a 10″ 60 tooth carbide from my table saw. When I put it back on and tried it, I could not believe that a saw blade could cut so good. It cut through Oak like cutting through butter. Than I took 2 router bits and sharpened them. I found that to do the same thing. I had now decided instead of just sharpening my own tools that I am going to open up a sharpening shop in this area to serve other people. I now can understand the message you are trying to get across to people before they buy a sharpening machine.

    Mike in CO

  10. Johnny

    First of all I wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying sharpening with the Thorvie system. I can definitely tell the quality of the edge on the cutting tools. I find it so easy to use the fixtures and AV-40. Please contact me so I can order the hole saw fixture. Thanks again for all your help.

    Johnny in CA

  11. Walter

    I bought your AV-40 between 3 and 4 years ago. At that time I was debating back and forth between your grinder and buying another grinder that I saw someone else using. I decided to go with your machine and I sure am glad I did that. Not only did I save a lot of money but I built my business up with satisfied customers who recommended me to others because of the work I do. I also was able to take work away from this other fellow due to the quality your machine provided. Thanks a lot for the help you have given me.

    Walter in NY

  12. Doug

    I received your AV-40 package about a year ago. I would like to now order the ice auger fixture or my machine. I want to tell you that my father used to be in the sharpening business and I was going to buy the same type of equipment he used. But I remembered how he used to say at times that he wished he had something different. So I decided to try your equipment. Now I wish he was still here so he could see what I am using compared to what he used. Your grinder is really quick to set up and I find it doing an excellent job, as I am a wood worker.

    Doug in MT

  13. Mike

    I purchased your AV-40 deluxe grinder package In September and it has been exactly 2 years to the month and I have done almost $150,000.00 so far worth of business.

    Mike in TX

  14. Jeff

    I don’t know if you remember me my name is Jeff H. I bought a bunch of sharpening equipment from you in 1991, about 23 years ago. I just wanted to see how you are doing, as I think of you a lot and about the help you gave me. I also wanted you to know I had put my 2 kids through college doing tool sharpening and I am still sharpening tools with your same equipment. Naturally doing that much work over that many years I had to replace a few minor things but I am still using the equipment and making a good living.

    Jeff in WI

  15. S. McLaughlin

    Dear Thorvie, (a testimonial for you) I purchased the AV-40 package with some hesitation because of the price (very cheap in comparison to other machines), however I could not have been more wrong. The AV-40 does exactly what you say it will and more. After I sharpened some of my own tools I now offer a first blade sharpening free service (only to large companies) and the reaction from my customers has all been the same. THESE BLADES ARE NOW SHARPER THAN WHEN THEY WERE NEW. I still carry out my full time job as a kitchen fitter and do the sharpening evenings and on weekends because the sharpening time is so quick. Since purchasing the machine I realize just how badly my own blades were being sharpened by other companies. PS. The AV-40 is now called my retirement fund manager.

    S. McLaughlin in United Kingdom

  16. Bob

    I just love this machine [AV-40] and when you designed it, you sure had your head on straight. Not only that but the fixtures you sell with it, I can’t say enough about them. You can use this as a testimonial.

    Bob in WI

  17. D.M.

    I received all seven (7) boxes of equipment and all arrived in good condition. I put my AV-40 together in my shop, mounted it to a bench as the instructions advised. First thing I did after watching the videos was to sharpen a 7-1/2″ Marathon thin kerf blade which I severely dulled cutting some red oak dunnage a while back. Lo and behold, my first effort at sharpening that blade of mine turned out great. Cuts better than it did when it was new. I really like the AV-40’s look and feel… solid!

    D.M. in SC

  18. Wilbur

    Thorvie, I received everything (four boxes) and in excellent condition. I’ve got everything spread out all over my living room and have been watching your videos. Now I haven’t sharpened anything yet or even set up the equipment in my shop so this can’t qualify as much of a testimony but the more I look at your system the more I think I was smart enough to find the right guy with the right stuff. All of your precision machine work sure looks superb. The diversity of all the different modules and their quick setup looks even better with it all complimented by your videos, training aids and business setup. It will surely get me off the ground, looks like the rest is up to me. I bet you’ve been around the machine shop for a few years. Looks and feels like old school ( German or Scandinavian) craftsmanship to me. Between you and that Wolff fellow I’ve got a feeling you guys are going to change my life forever. The more I go in this direction the more it looks right. Thank you very much.

    Wilbur in AK

  19. Les

    Just received the AV-40 package last week and all I can say is WOW WOW !! The saws (my own) that I sharpened are incredibly sharp. They are sharper now I think, than when I bought them. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to use sharp tools. The AV-40 is as solid as a rock.

    Les in Canada

  20. Max

    I am writing to let you know that I was just getting ready to spend over $6,000 dollars to buy another grinder before I found and bought your grinder. I can not believe how easy it is to sharpen saw blades and all these other tools with your one machine. It has been a real surprise how fast I can change over from one tool to the next. You saved me $3,000 plus I can do more now than if I would of went the other route. Can’t thank your company enough.

    Max in GA

  21. Dave

    There was an older fellow in our area who used to sharpen all our woodworking tools. Ever since this fellow passed away, we could not find anyone who could sharpen our saw blades and shaper cutters correctly, to our satisfaction. After seeing the Thorvie International AV-40 Grinder on the Internet, we remembered that that was the machine this fellow had been using. So we decided to order out your AV-40 grinder package, as we knew it was what we were looking for to sharpen our woodworking tools, as we remembered this fellow telling us that this was an excellent grinder that he used.

    Dave in WA

  22. Joe

    Please send me one wheel for grinding jointer and planer knives and also one of your rubber bond green wheels for knives. I am in the construction business and have been sharpening my own saw blades with your AV-40 grinder package which I purchased on 1-26-02. The blades cut beautiful now that I do them with your machine. I have been sharpening for about a year and a half now. I can honestly tell you that I can sharpen a 12″x 60 tooth carbide tipped saw blade in less then 10 minutes and that is face grinding and top grinding. Now I have started sharpening for my own local people and they are very pleased.

    Joe in VT

  23. Dave

    I received the AV-40 grinder package last week and had just set up shop this weekend and already sharpened a bunch of saw blades. It was a piece of cake. I could not believe how fast and easy it was. Could you give me some advise on going mobile as I see it would be very easy to do with your equipment set up.

    Dave in FL

  24. Bruce

    When I first started looking into this type of business, I was having a real hard time trying to make up my mind whether or not to do this. After talking to you, you convinced me that tool sharpening was an excellent business to start up. Now I want to share something with you that you can tell others about. I started this tool sharpening business in March of 2006. My first month I done $163.00. My business has been growing every month and just this last month of September, 2006. I done over $6,000.00 in just that one month alone. I am getting so many compliments from customers about the way the blades and tools cut after I sharpen them. I want to thank you for all your help and for you convincing me to go into doing this. Thanks again Thorvie and I feel as though I owe you a lot for all you have done for me.

    Bruce in MN

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