AV-56 Stump Bit Grinder

From: $1,315.00

AV-56 Stump Bit Grinder

From: $1,315.00

Create your AV-56 stump bit sharpening machine. Choose the stump grinding tool fixture or fixtures below to fit your needs.  The AV-56 stump bit grinder alone is the base machine. It does not include any tool fixtures or grinding wheels.

Stump Grinding Fixture (Yellow Jacket)

With this tool fixture, you can sharpen both the top radius and flat face of the yellow jacket stump grinding teeth. The Yellow Jacket teeth are 3/4" wide and have two cutter heads.

Stump Grinding Fixture (Green/Red Tooth)

With this tool fixture, you can sharpen both the hollow face and outer surface of the green/red tooth. The green/red teeth are circular and can be turned three times for new cutting surfaces.

Stump Grinding Fixture (Sandvik)

With this tool fixture, you can sharpen both the top radius and face of the Sandvik stump grinding teeth. These bits are 7/8" wide with a flat top and rounded corners leading into the sides of the tooth.

Stump Grinding Fixture (Standard)

With this tool fixture, you can sharpen both the top radius and flat face of stump grinding teeth for all the popular stump grinding machines. The standard stump grinding teeth are 1/2" wide with one cutter head.

220 Volt 50 HZ Motor Upgrade


This AV-56 stump bit grinder will sharpen all the popular brands of stump grinder teeth.  A majority of these teeth can be sharpened in less than two minutes per tooth.  For easy alignment, the motor tilts when sharpening the straight, right and left-hand teeth for the standard stump bit tool fixture.  The motor stays at the zero quadrant for the other three tool fixtures.  The AV-56 sharpening machine includes: a 60 HZ – TEFC Leeson motor which runs at 3450 RPM, machine light, angle finder, written instructions, training DVD and customer service.

Tool Fixtures

The Standard, Yellow Jacket and Sandvik tool fixtures include a special diamond 40 grit, plated radius grinding wheel.  These plated grinding wheels match the contoured top radius of the tooth.  Our plated wheels are a lot cleaner to use and require no wheel dressing like the green wheels from other suppliers. The diamond plating is also on the side of the wheel to sharpen the flat face of the teeth.  For more pictures or information, please click one of the highlighted fixture links below.

Standard Stump grinding fixture

Yellow Jacket Stump grinding fixture

Sandvik Stump grinding fixture

The Green/Red tooth fixture includes a diamond, 180 grit bonded wheel.  This grinding wheel is designed to sharpen the 500, 700, 900 and 1100 series teeth.  There is 1/4″ depth of material for extended wheel life.  For more pictures or information, please click the highlighted fixture link below.

Stump grinding fixture (Green/Red Tooth)

Sharpening stump grinder teeth can be an excellent business of its own.

Add the AV-54 Automatic Knife grinding machine and sharpen chipper knives. Most companies operating a stump grinder will have a wood chipper as well. Have the availability to sharpen their chipper knives also for added income revenue.


  1. Greg

    My AV-56 machine arrived Monday in perfect condition. The machine has already made itself at home in my shop and I have started sharpening my yellow jacket teeth. It is exactly what I wanted and does a beautiful job. It was a leap of faith for a small operator like myself to import something from the exact opposite side of the world. I thank you for your patience with this process and appreciate your professionalism. I look forward to years of great service.

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