• Sharpening Machines

    Sharpening Machines (35)

    Sharpening Machines Thorvie offers a variety of sharpening machines which serve many markets in the industry.  Our product line serves both industrial and private companies.  We pride ourselves on being built in the United States.  Every machine is manufactured and assembled in Waukesha, WI, USA. Our machines are built to be efficient.  Each of our machines are…
  • Saw Blade Sharpening Machines

    Saw Blade Sharpening Machines (7)

    Saw Blade Sharpening Machines Thorvie saw blade sharpening machines are the most versatile on the market.  The AV-40 is our original sharpening machine, and the AV-42 is a modified version which sharpens larger blades. The AV-40 can sharpen up to a 30 inch diameter, and the AV-42 can sharpen up to a 42 inch diameter.  Each machine…
  • AV-40 Tool Sharpening Fixtures

    AV-40 Tool Sharpening Fixtures (26)

    AV-40 Tool Sharpening Fixtures The AV-40 is Thorvie's original saw sharpening machine.  There are over twenty AV-40 tool sharpening fixtures in our product line. Because our line is so vast, you can sharpen in a variety of industries.  Thus, offer a complete sharpening service.  Every fixture is easy to set up and easy to use.  Additionally, every…
  • Clipper Blade Sharpening

    Clipper Blade Sharpening (12)

    Clipper Blade Sharpening The AV-36 clipper blade sharpening machine services all blade styles and sizes in the hair stylist and animal grooming industries.  The machine is supplied with a 60 HZ motor, which runs at 1140 RPM.  This speed is essential for sharpening clipper blades.  In addition, a 50 HZ motor is available for customers in foreign…
  • Dust Collector

    Dust Collector (4)

    Industrial Dust Collector It is important for every sharpener and craftsman to have a safe and clean work space.  The 3-stage industrial dust collector removes potentially harmful particles (0.3 microns and larger) from the air and stores them in a containment space.  Using this system regularly keeps your work space and the air in it cleaner, therefore…
  • Grinding Wheels

    Grinding Wheels (34)

    Grinding Wheels Thorvie grinding wheels are made in the U.S. and are also balance-tested to ensure that they are true-running.  Our wheels are made to fit all Thorvie sharpening machines, and most will fit our competitors' machines. Our stump bit grinders use diamond plated wheels.  Most of our competitors use green wheels, which are messy and break…
  • Sharpening Supplies & Accessories

    Sharpening Supplies & Accessories (29)

    Sharpening Supplies and Accessories Add-on accessories and supplies are available for many of the machines in Thorvie's line, and several of these products can be used with other machines on the market.  Here you will find products that work with your existing equipment. Several of these products will make your work more accurate and therefore you will…
  • Foley Belsaw Tool Sharpening Fixtures

    Foley Belsaw Tool Sharpening Fixtures (35)

    Foley Belsaw Sharpening Fixtures We offer several Foley Belsaw compatible sharpening fixtures.  Any fixture from the AV-40 sharpening system will work seamlessly with Foley Belsaw machines.  Our products will save you time, increase your productivity and thus make your Foley Belsaw more valuable. Our best selling fixture is the saddle assembly.  This unit alone will significantly cut…
  • Training Videos

    Training Videos (4)

    Training Videos and Written Instructions Training videos and written instructions are included at no charge with the purchase of a new machine.  We offer them as a separate item for anyone who has a competitor's machine or is looking for further training. Our training aids are also for those who are new to the industry.  You can…