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AV-40 Saw Sharpening Machine Complete Starter Package.

The Right Sharpening Machine For Your Business

There are many sharpening products on the market.  Some may seem appealing because of price point, ability or advertising.  Be aware of what you can sometimes sacrifice for a “deal”.  With the purchase of any Thorvie sharpening machine, here are a few things we include.  These are also things that…


Thorvie Is Considered A World Leader In Tool Sharpening Equipment

Quality Sharpening Equipment Will Help Self Promote Your Business! With 39 years of manufacturing the highest quality saw and tool sharpening equipment, Thorvie International is recognized as a world leader in the sharpening industry. Thorvie's sharpening machines maintain a wheel rpm of 3450 which is essential when sharpening carbide tools. The motor…