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Thorvie Is Considered A World Leader In Tool Sharpening Equipment

Quality Sharpening Equipment Will Help Self Promote Your Business!

With 39 years of manufacturing the highest quality saw and tool sharpening equipment, Thorvie International is recognized as a world leader in the sharpening industry. Thorvie’s sharpening machines maintain a wheel rpm of 3450 which is essential when sharpening carbide tools. The motor arbors are press fit and machine ground to ensure the grinding wheel runs perfectly true.

There are some sharpening machines on the market that claim they manufacture the highest quality equipment, when in fact their machine will only face grind a saw blade. “By only face grinding a saw blade, you are only doing half the job” says sales manager Rick Shefchik. “A saw blade must be face and top ground to complete the sharpening job, balance the saw blade and get the best sharpening results.”

The Thorvie AV-40 saw sharpening machine allows you to face, top and side grind saw blades along with the capability to sharpen other tools like router bits, raised panel shaper cutters, jointer, planer and chipper knifes and much more on the same sharpening machine.

With quality sharpening equipment, comes more business into your shop. “Performing exceptional results for your customers will encourage them to speak to other potential customers on the quality of your work, in return promoting and advertising your business for free,” notes Ken Frea, President of Thorvie International.


The small cup and cone fixture was designed to sharpen the smaller saw blades 2” to 6-1/2” in diameter. This fixture is used the same as the standard cup and cone for saw blades from 7” to 30” in diameter that is supplied with the AV-40 saw sharpening machine. Most people don’t realize the potential of this tool fixture and how many people are using these types of saw blades.

One of the largest volume users of these saw blades are flooring companies and installers. When adding hardwood or laminate flooring in an existing house, they will use a jamb cutting saw to raise the jamb and slide the flooring underneath. Jamb cutting saws use saw blades in the 5” to 6-1/2” diameter range and they need to be very sharp to eliminate peel out on the back side of the cut. In fact one of my personal largest sharpening accounts is a flooring company with 6 locations. They have a company transfer truck that ships all the saw blades from their 6 locations to my local location for me to sharpen all of their blades.

Flooring companies use a lot of 10” and 12” saw blades as well and the laminate floors will dull them very fast. They also need carpet scissors and other various tools sharpened adding a lot of extra revenue to your business.

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