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Thorvie International Welcomes New a+ Co-Owner

Thorvie International, LLC Reveals New Location

Since 1977, Thorvie International has offered some of the finest saw and tool sharpening equipment. To meet the demands for the fast growing sharpening industry, Thorvie decided to relocate. Thorvie moved from a 7,000 square foot facility in Green Bay WI to 13,000 square feet in Waukesha, WI.

“2 main factors help decide this move” mentions previous owner Ken Frea. “We are now in a more industrial area and convenient location to better serve our customer’s needs, along with a larger facility to expand in this fast growing industry.”

New Waukesha, WI Facility – July 1st 2016 (Pictured here).  Thorvie International, LLC a leading manufacturer of saw and tool sharpening equipment used for home based businesses, welcomes sales manager Rick Shefchik as its new co-owner. Thorvie’s previous share holder and design engineer Travis Frea will co-partner with Shefchik as former president Ken Frea approaches retirement in November 2016.

Travis Frea commented, “I am extremely pleased to welcome Rick to the team. Rick is an expert sharpener with years of knowledge gathered from operating his own sharpening business using Thorvie saw and tool sharpening equipment. On top of that he brings 4+ years of experience managing the Thorvie sales and customer service department. He will be a great asset as we expand our capabilities and offerings to the sharpening industry.”

“I am very excited to join the Thorvie team and help grow the sharpening business opportunities for entrepreneurs” stated Shefchik. “Having my entire career devoted to small businesses, I look forward to providing exceptional business opportunities and support services to our customers for years to come.”

Rick’s Tip: Compliments To Les in Washington

I have taken quite a few calls on making wood handle knives and other wood tooling look like new. A Thorvie customer, Les in Washington gave me a tip on this topic. Using Howards butcher block conditioner will bring them back to life. Wood handle knives and other tooling after time will dull out and look old. You can purchase this product at Home Depot, Lowes, or Amazon. It is child safe and food grade as well.

To restore them back to life, you don’t even have to clean the area. Cleaning would only be needed when the handle has a lot of dirt or debris.  Simply soak a rag in the Howard’s butcher block conditioner and apply it to the handle. If the handle is really dry and the conditioner soaks into the handle really fast, apply a second coat. Most often one application is enough. This simple step of restoring a customer’s wood handle will help advertise your business with the quality work you preform. Always remember that word of mouth is the best free advertising.

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