Work from Home with a Thorvie Sharpening System

Work from Home with a Thorvie Sharpening System

Starting a home sharpening business can be an affordable investment.  Thorvie offers a variety of machines and sharpening packages to fit every entrepreneur’s needs.  Whether you’re a retiree who wants to keep busy while bringing in some extra cash or someone who is looking to start or expand an existing business, we’ve got you covered.

Investing in a business can be scary.  Thorvie tool systems include a comprehensive support package; this means 24/7 customer support and trouble-shooting.  Your shipment will include detailed written instructions and training videos.  We also provide you with sales techniques, suggested service prices and a list of companies for which you can be a distributor of new tooling.

If you currently own a Thorvie tool system, please feel free to reach out to us for a phone consultation.  We want to ensure that your sharpening business is operating at its full potential.

For more information on Thorvie sharpening machines, contact us at 866-497-0572 or

Rick’s Tip

There are numerous ways to sharpen wood chisels.  Many people sharpen them on a bench grinder, belt sander or other various ways.  These methods work just fine to create a new edge on the chisel, however they are sharpened with a straight grind.  When using a chisel with a straight grind, the wood wants to push straight back towards your hand.

The proper way to sharpen a chisel is with a hollow grind.  A hollow grind is created by sharpening the chisel at an angle, using the edge of the grinding wheel.   This removes a slightly greater amount of material in the center of the chisel surface.  This causes the grinding swirls to go at an angle versus straight up the chisel.  When using a chisel that has a hollow grind the cutting edge will be sharper and the wood will “pig tail” up and away from your hand.

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