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Maintaining Your Thorvie Sharpening Machine

All machines require preventative maintenance over their lifetime.  All Thorvie sharpening machines can be repaired and maintained on-site. We go through every part on the machine to ensure it is working like new.   The most common maintenance on the AV-40, AV-41, AV-52 and AV-56 models is to update the saddle assemblies with new rods and bearings. 

On the AV-40 saw blade grinder and the AV-54 automatic knife grinder, we lubricate and adjust the motor slide assembly.  This entails lubricating all motor slide locations, adjusting the gibs and the threaded travel rod.  Doing this will restore the original performance of the moving parts.

Depending on usage, maintenance schedules will vary.  Some signs of wear and tear on machines include:

      *Saddle Assembly – grooved lines in the chrome rods of the saddle assembly.  This is likely happening because the bearings are no longer operating properly.  

      *Motor Slide Assembly – you may notice that as you travel the motor left and right, the grinding wheel is rocking back and forth slightly.  Ideally the movement should be smooth with a slight resistance.  

If you think your Thorvie sharpening machines are ready for a tune-up, you can purchase the replacement parts by calling our customer service line, or set up a designated restoration appointment.  Simply set up an appointment and ship your parts to thorvie.  Upon receipt we will perform the required maintenance and ship it back to you on the same business day.  

Call 1-866-497-0572 for a restoration quote or for questions regarding maintenance. 

Rick’s Tip

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