Annular Cutter Sharpener

From: $2,795.00

Annular Cutter Sharpener

From: $2,795.00

Sharpen high speed steel and carbide annular cutters.

Diamond Grinding Wheel For PP-ERM2 Annular Cutter Sharpener

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This annular cutter sharpener is designed to sharpen high speed steel and carbide annular cutters in the simplest possible manner. The robust construction & specific design enable easy operation to sharpen annular cutters with maximum precision. Laser alignment provides fast precise setup for annular cutter which sometimes are referred to as core drill bits. The plated grinding wheel supplied with this machine allows you to sharpen the external flank and the gullet of the annular cutters with the same grinding wheel. External flank and gullet re-sharpening is able to be done with the same alignment setup. Most other machines require two alignments using an external flank grinding wheel and a gullet grinding wheel. Save set up time and money with one set up alignment and one grinding wheel for both sharpening operations. Annular cutter sharpener includes; 4 dividing discs, laser pen, one CBN plated grinding wheel, written instructions, training DVD, and exceptional customer service.

Annular Cutter Sharpener Specifications

• 76mm (3″) Diameter Maximum Cutter Capacity
• 110v 1800w Motor 3340 rpm
• 125mm (5″) CBN or Diamond plated grinding wheel
• 19mm (3/4″) Weldon Shank Cutter Holder
• 120 volt 60hz

Optional accessories: 5″ diamond plated grinding wheel

Additional information

Diamond Grinding Wheel For PP-ERM2 Annular Cutter Sharpener

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 in


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