Professional Scissors Sharpener


Professional Scissors Sharpener



The ultimate in sharpening technology for the world’s finest scissors and shears. Sharpens Fabric, Industrial, Household and Gardening Shears in minutes. Machine is designed for the professional sharpener to make sharpening your customers shears fast, easy and precise. This scissors sharpener is PERFECT for Professional & Mobile Sharpeners! Price includes: written instructions, training DVD and customer service.

Professional Scissors Sharpener Makes Scissors Better Than new!

  • Free Floating Arm System & Sealed Bearings.
  • Clamping System Adjusts from 0 to 55.
  • Shears up to 14″ in length.
  • Motor can be Wired for 220 Volt Use.
  • Honing Wheel Makes Scissors 2 to 6 Times Sharper Than New!

Additional information

Weight18 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in


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