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Increase Customer Base With Planer Blade Sharpening

Planer blade sharpening can welcome additional revenue into your sharpening business. With the industry average of $0.95 per inch for steel knives and $1.60 for carbide, Thorvie offers multiple ways to maximize your bottom line.  In 1980, Thorvie revealed a newly engineered AV-40 carbide and steel saw blade sharpening machine.  By adding easily attachable tool fixtures, it became possible to offer a more complete tool sharpening service at a lower cost with the perk of less required shop space.  Today Thorvie offers more than 20 different tool fixtures for the AV-40 sharpening machine.

The planer knife grinding fixture allows you to sharpen jointer, planer and chipper knives up to 20″ in length at a fraction of the cost of an industrial knife grinding machine.  With quick and convenient setup, this fixture will flat grind carbide knives or hollow grind steel knives.

Thorvie also offers an AV-54 automatic jointer planer and chipper knife grinder.  The AV-54 gives you the versatility to sharpen other tooling at the same time.  Also able to flat or hollow grind, Thorvie knife grinders are manufactured to hold a flatness tolerance of .0005″ per inch.

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We invite you to meet the crew of Thorvie International and view some of the finest saw blade and tool sharpening machines available in the U.S. today.  Thorvie International has built a solid reputation as an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing innovative and cost effective products. Rick Shefchik, sales manager of Thorvie International, will lead a group discussion on saw and tool sharpening marketing strategies on Friday, April 21st from 1 PM – 2 PM.

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Rick’s Tip

There are a couple of various grinding wheels you can use for sharpening jointer, planer and chipper knives.  Jointer and planer knives will either be steel or carbide while chipper knives will always be steel.  Steel knives you can either use an aluminum oxide base wheel or a CBN (cubic boron nitride) wheel.  Carbide knives you must use a diamond wheel.

Sharpening carbide jointer and planer knives, I recommend using a 5″ diamond cup grinding wheel between the 220 to 300 grit range.  For steel jointer and planer knives, a 5″ 60 grit aluminum oxide cup wheel gives you a nice finish at a reasonable cost.  Chipper knives are made with a harder steel than jointer and planer knives. For these knives use a 5″ 46 grit ruby aluminum oxide wheel or a 5″ 120 grit CBN grinding wheel (style 11V9).  If you want one grinding wheel for jointer, planer and chipper knives, your best option is a CBN grinding wheel.