AV-54 Automatic Jointer &…

From: $3,795.00

AV-54 Automatic Jointer & Planer Knife Grinder

From: $3,795.00

AV-54 Automatic Machine allows you to sharpen and carbide & steel Jointer & Planer knives up to 24″ long. Thorvie grinders are manufactured to grind straightness & Flatness within .0005″ per inch. This grinder will either hollow grind or flat grind knives.

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Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel (12A2)

5" diamond cup grinding wheel is great for side grinding saw blades along with the capability to sharpen carbide jointer and planer knives.

CBN Cup Grinding Wheel (11V5)

5" 180 grit CBN grinding wheel (style 11V5 - 10 degree).


AV-54 automatic jointer & planer knife grinder allows you to sharpen both carbide or steel Jointer & Planer knives up to 24″ long. Or a combination of knives totaling up to 24″. Thorvie grinders are manufactured to grind straightness & Flatness within .0005″ per inch. This grinder will either hollow grind or flat grind knives. All you do is loosen a 3/8″ bolt and swing the knife holder assembly straight for flat grinding. You can adjust the length of travel for any length of knife, from 3″ to 24″. This unit is compact and saves a lot of time, as you can be doing other sharpening of tools while a knife is being ground. The newly re-designed automatic travel motor is a variable speed U.S. D/C motor. Price includes complete unit with a 5″ 60 grit aluminum oxide cup grinding wheel, written instructions, training DVD, customer service and heavy duty enclosed 110 volt motor, (220 volt 50hz motor upgrade available for foreign countries).

If you are planning on sharpening chipper knives as well, please visit our AV-54 automatic jointer/planer & chipper knife grinder page. Click here

Optional accessories for the AV-54 automatic jointer & planer knife grinder:

5″ diamond cup grinding wheel, 5″ CBN cup grinding wheel

Watch our AV-54 video on You Tube:


  1. Ryan

    I recently purchased your AV-54 automatic knife grinder to sharpen my personal planer knives. Our old grinder broke down and I was looking at your machine and other machines that would have costed me a lot more money as well. After a couple phone calls with Thorvie, I had the confidence that this grinder would fit my needs well. It was very easy to set this machine up and learn how to use it. After I sharpened my first 5 set of knives and tested them, I could not believe how sharp my knives were. My old grinder would sharpen a dip in the center of the knives and when you put the cutting edge of the knife on a work bench, you could see daylight in the center of the knife. This grinder sharpened the knives perfectly straight. I never understood how a hollow ground knife made that much difference from a straight ground knife until I have tested it for myself. Thank you for saving me a lot of money and making a product that will fit my need for many years to come.

    Ryan in NY

  2. cfox

    I own a Powermatic model 225 24” planer. I bought this system for my own use, not to start a business. I knew nothing about sharpening, although with a little help from Rick at Thorvie I was soon up and sharpening my own blades. I buy my blades from Terminus and after one re-sharpening by Terminus the knives are no longer any good. With my AV-54 I can now get 3-4 sharpenings out of those same Terminus blades. At $250 for a new set of knives and $176 for Terminus to sharpen them, the AV-54 is saving me well over a thousand dollars, if not more, a year. I mention this because most people that buy this equipment are starting a business, I am at the other end, the end user and I can tell you the equipment does a wonderful job. I am very satisfied with my AV-54. IT PUTS A BETTER, LONGER LASTING EDGE ON THE KNIVES THAN TERMINUS DOES. Thank you for a well made product that is made in America.

    Chris in PA

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