Sharpening Supplies and Accessories

Add-on accessories and supplies are available for many of the machines in Thorvie’s line, and several of these products can be used with other machines on the market.  Here you will find products that work with your existing equipment.

Several of these products will make your work more accurate and therefore you will be more profitable.  Additionally, you will find supplies for your existing Thorvie machines, such as honing plates, honing compound and dresser tips.

As the sharpening industry evolves, it is important that your personal equipment does too.  Our line of sharpening accessories and supplies will expand your business and also keep your machine performing above industry standard.

If you are new to the sharpening industry, you can find our full line of sharpening machines here.

  • XT3000 Large Drill Bit Attachment Quick View
  • AV-36 Aluminum Honing Plate Quick View
  • Convexing Clamp Quick View
  • Knife Fixture Table With Clamps Quick View
  • 20 Degree Module for Model 2100 Knife Sharpener Quick View
  • 15 Degree Module for Model 2100 Knife Sharpener15 Degree Module for Model 2100 Knife Sharpener Quick View
  • Demagnetizer Quick View
  • Motor Arbor Extension Quick View
    • Motor Arbor Extension Quick View
    • Motor Arbor Extension

    • $120.00
    • If you get raised panel cutters that you can not sharpen because the cutter hits the motor when you try to grind, this arbor extension will correct that problem on the Foley Belsaw motors, and allow you to sharpen that cutter, because it extends the wheel farther away from the motor.
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  • Saw Set Gauge Quick View
  • AV-40 Saddle Assembly Rods & Bearings Quick View
  • Professional Clipper Blade Accessory Package Quick View
  • Roundness Gauge With Base Quick View
  • Rub Block Quick View
  • Metal Removal Gauge Quick View
  • Clipper Blade Test Scale Quick View
  • Roundness Gauge Without Base Quick View
  • Diamond Dresser Tip Quick View
  • Socket Adjusting Tool-Clipper Blades Quick View
  • Motor Stop Clamp Quick View
  • Honing Compound Quick View
  • Dressing StickDressing Stick Quick View